Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dreaming and Drawing

Dreaming and drawing are the ground from which my work stems.  I rarely show my drawings, I see them as workings out, they reveal ideas and images to me.  Drawing is an act of faith, I trust the drawing and allow it to lead me.  

I have kept a dream diary for almost 20 years now.  My artistic practice is a long, slow and constant process of bringing up images from the personal and collective unconscious. 

I am working even during sleep, and consider my dreaming time  precious.  I begin firstly by  writing up and drawing down my dreams and then if I am particularly struck by an image I may bring it to life in whatever medium seems appropriate, for example a mask, a performance, an action, an object, photograph, print, text or textile piece.  

I once heard the role of the artist described as "a fisher-woman trawling the sea of the subconscious, night after night, in order to bring up images to share" this image of the artist resonates with me and describes my practice.


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